Wear WTF you want

New season looks, whether autumn or spring, have me like a diabetic 5 year old in a candy store- I want it all but it’s probably best not. I find that although the latest fashion trends entertain me, what excites me most is wearing an outfit no one else is wearing. Rather than being completely consumed by what pastels Prada tells me I should be choosing  this Summer, or why Vogue thinks I shouldn’t mix my metals, now and then I switch off from the style stipulations set by the couture power houses and allow myself to experiment with looks that divide me from a high-street of clones.

I use fashion as a way to express my inner being. Each morning I like to see my clothing choices as a form of self-expression, however this is increasingly difficult in an industry that pushes the same items and therefore forms identical customers.  The number of times I’ve gone into Leeds and seen the ‘skinny jean/ vest top/ converse’ combo worn (often 20 or so girls stood together wearing replicate outfits) has left me questioning what these girls feel when they look in the mirror. Do they look for themselves in the reflection? Or do they search the surface for acceptance through the safety of a twin?

How can you find yourself when you can’t distinguish your own appearance from the crowd that surrounds you? Sure there will be similarities, but why stick to the outfits pre-styled by others, for the benefit of ‘fitting in’? Why not express yourself?                       Show off your originality through the smashing of an overflowing glass of guidelines.

Declare your own body as a free state. Let yourself be a republic.

Don’t allow the influence of others preferences to prevent you from having your own.

Often your favourite outfits will be the ones that others don’t have. The pairing of two pieces that should be so wrong but feel just right. For me, this is the use of denim on denim. This double up has been mocked by style enthusiasts for at least a decade- which in the fashion industry may as well be a millennium! With countless articles, blogs and interviews jabbering nonsense about how it is an ‘ABSOLUTE NO GO’, many just ignore the notion completely. I was amongst the double denim haters. I refused to consider that my denim jacket and jeans could be worn within a mile of one another without creating a massive faux-pas.

Until tried it.

Satisfaction filled my colour co-ordinated heart.

A supple, worn out blue thrill rushed through my bloodstream, and as soon as I took it off, the forbidden fabric couple begged to be worn again. And again. And again… A denim addiction has in fact arisen within me- and I don’t see myself going cold turkey anytime soon!

I’m not saying that everyone should invest in my denim craze, but that everyone should embark on an adventure into their wardrobe. An adventure with no pre-determined route or destination. Just pure exploration and experimentation to see what YOU enjoy wearing- without the sway or control of a higher fashion power. Sure you may create something ‘different’, maybe you’ll mix patterns or clash tones, but it will be original. It will be you.

So, wear double denim. Don’t be someone else’s double.





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