Finding A Balance… The Importance of the Journey- Not The End Result

  September. Ahhhh a month synonymous with back to school and back to work dread but also known for the spoonful of sugar that is the beginning of the Autumnal season. Typically my autumnal months are characterised by long crisp mornings outdoors followed by warm movie nights by the fire. This year however, it has … More Finding A Balance… The Importance of the Journey- Not The End Result

A Vogue Weekend

For those of you that don’t know, Condé  Nast is the publishing power house behind the infamous catalogue of the catwalk …Vogue. With countless budding branches under their belts, including Teen Vogue, Miss Vogue (US) and Miss Vogue Online, the name ‘Condé Nast’ is one synonymous with royalty due to its affiliation with the fashion … More A Vogue Weekend

The Perfect Red

After recently reading ‘A Study in Scarlet’ by Alexandra Schulman, the psychology behind red lipstick has intrigued me. Although I believe I am the kind of girl that should be able to wear red lipstick, whenever I applied that ruby rouge to my mouth I found myself terrified by my own reflection. That bright bold … More The Perfect Red

Wear WTF you want

New season looks, whether autumn or spring, have me like a diabetic 5 year old in a candy store- I want it all but it’s probably best not. I find that although the latest fashion trends entertain me, what excites me most is wearing an outfit no one else is wearing. Rather than being completely … More Wear WTF you want

That Girl 

In every party, street and workplace, there is that one girl. ‘That girl’. The one that no matter the hustle and bustle of the world around her remains the whirlwind that lures in all passers-by. She could have had a fresh blow-dry, or she could have been blessed with locks that fall just right. She … More That Girl 

A change in the Tide

Last weekend, the world’s eye focused on Washington, as a momentous political event was broadcast internationally. With an estimated attendance of half a million (according to actual facts, not that of the ‘alternative’ nature) the capitals day-to-day business was halted, as 500,000 of America’s most driven citizen’s took centre stage, overflowing the streets with pride … More A change in the Tide


From my first steps, words and utterance of a tune, my grandpa has instilled in me the need for jazz, theatre and most importantly… 1950’s Hollywood. From this heavy influence, I grew to love the charm and sheen of the silver screen, naming Singing in the Rain as my top-film of all time, and Frank … More LA LA LAND


Starting a blog is never the easiest endeavour, as in one post you have to try and let your future audience know what you’re about, what you enjoy and the purpose of your posts. Now considering this, I figured the best thing to do would be to express my current emotions and feelings, today, November … More SUNDAY THINKING